Volume 6, Number 3 (September 2011)

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The evolution of decision and experienced utility Abstract  PRINT  VIEW
Arthur J. Robson and Larry Samuelson 311–339
Survival of dominated strategies under evolutionary dynamics Abstract  PRINT  VIEW
Josef Hofbauer and William H. Sandholm 341–377
Dynamic choice under ambiguity Abstract  PRINT  VIEW
 Supplementary appendix
Marciano Siniscalchi 379–421
Intertemporal substitution and recursive smooth ambiguity preferences Abstract  PRINT  VIEW
Takashi Hayashi and Jianjun Miao 423–472
First-price auctions, Dutch auctions, and buy-it-now-prices with Allais paradox bidders Abstract  PRINT  VIEW
Daisuke Nakajima 473–498
Von Neumann-Morgenstern farsightedly stable sets in two-sided matching Abstract  PRINT  VIEW
Ana Mauleon, Vincent J. Vannetelbosch, and Wouter Vergote 499–521
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