Volume 6, Number 2 (May 2011)

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Revenue maximization in the dynamic knapsack problem Abstract  PRINT  VIEW
Deniz Dizdar, Alex Gershkov, and Benny Moldovanu 157–184
Manipulative auction design Abstract  PRINT  VIEW
Philippe Jehiel 185–217
Contributing or free-riding? Voluntary participation in a public good economy Abstract  PRINT  VIEW
Taiji Furusawa and Hideo Konishi 219–256
Robust stability in matching markets Abstract  PRINT  VIEW
Fuhito Kojima 257–267
Agreeing to agree Abstract  PRINT  VIEW
Ehud Lehrer and Dov Samet 269–287
Judicial precedent as a dynamic rationale for axiomatic bargaining theory Abstract  PRINT  VIEW
 Supplementary appendix
Marc Fleurbaey and John E. Roemer 289–310
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