Volume 7, Number 1 (January 2012)

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Choice by lexicographic semiorders Abstract  PRINT  VIEW
Paola Manzini and Marco Mariotti 1–23
An anti-folk theorem for finite past equilibria in repeated games with private monitoring Abstract  PRINT  VIEW
Marcin Peski 25–55
Forward induction reasoning revisited Abstract  PRINT  VIEW
Pierpaolo Battigalli and Amanda Friedenberg 57–98
Ashamed to be selfish Abstract  PRINT  VIEW
David Dillenberger and Philipp Sadowski 99–124
Reason-based choice: a bargaining rationale for the attraction and compromise effects Abstract  PRINT  VIEW
 Supplementary appendix
Geoffroy de Clippel and Kfir Eliaz 125–162
On the number of critical equilibria separating two equilibria Abstract  PRINT  VIEW
Yves Balasko 163–181
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