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Volume 3, Number 4 (December 2008) Risk taking and gender in hierarchies Abstract   PRINT   VIEW
Suzanne Scotchmer
Volume 13, Number 1 (January 2018) Robust contracting under common value uncertainty Abstract   PRINT   VIEW
Sarah Auster
Volume 9, Number 2 (May 2014) Robust mechanism design and dominant strategy voting rules Abstract   PRINT   VIEW
Tilman Börgers, Doug Smith
Volume 13, Number 1 (January 2018) Robust multiplicity with a grain of naiveté Abstract   PRINT   VIEW
Aviad Heifetz, Willemien Kets
Volume 6, Number 2 (May 2011) Robust stability in matching markets Abstract   PRINT   VIEW
Fuhito Kojima
Volume 4, Number 1 (March 2009) Robust virtual implementation Abstract   PRINT   VIEW
Dirk Bergemann, Stephen Morris
Volume 6, Number 1 (January 2011) Robustness to incomplete information in repeated games Abstract   PRINT   VIEW
Sylvain Chassang, Satoru Takahashi
Volume 10, Number 1 (January 2015) Sampling best response dynamics and deterministic equilibrium selection Abstract   PRINT   VIEW
Daisuke Oyama, William H. Sandholm, Olivier Tercieux
Volume 11, Number 2 (May 2016) Savage games Abstract   PRINT   VIEW
Simon Grant, Idione Meneghel, Rabee Tourky
Volume 8, Number 1 (January 2013) Scale-invariant uncertainty-averse preferences and source-dependent constant relative risk aversion Abstract   PRINT   VIEW
Costis Skiadas
Volume 9, Number 3 (September 2014) Search with multi-worker firms Abstract   PRINT   VIEW
Daron Acemoglu, William B. Hawkins
Volume 6, Number 1 (January 2011) Search, choice, and revealed preference Abstract   PRINT   VIEW
Andrew Caplin, Mark Dean
Volume 9, Number 3 (September 2014) Second order beliefs models of choice under imprecise risk: non-additive second order beliefs vs. nonlinear second order utility Abstract   PRINT   VIEW
Raphaël Giraud
Volume 2, Number 3 (September 2007) Secure implementation Abstract   PRINT   VIEW
Tatsuyoshi Saijo, Tomas Sjostrom, Takehiko Yamato
Volume 8, Number 3 (September 2013) Selection-free predictions in global games with endogenous information and multiple equilibria Abstract   PRINT   VIEW
George-Marios Angeletos, Alessandro Pavan
Volume 12, Number 1 (January 2017) Sequential voting and agenda manipulation Abstract   PRINT   VIEW
Salvador Barberà, Anke Gerber
Volume 10, Number 2 (May 2015) Serial dictatorship: the unique optimal allocation rule when information is endogenous Abstract   PRINT   VIEW
Sophie Bade
Volume 10, Number 2 (May 2015) Social activity and network formation Abstract   PRINT   VIEW
Oliver Baetz
Volume 12, Number 2 (May 2017) Social distance and network structures Abstract   PRINT   VIEW
Ryota Iijima, Yuichiro Kamada
Volume 12, Number 3 (September 2017) Sovereign debt and incentives to default with uninsurable risks Abstract   PRINT   VIEW
Gaetano Bloise, Herakles Polemarchakis, Yiannis Vailakis
Volume 8, Number 3 (September 2013) Specialization and partisanship in committee search Abstract   PRINT   VIEW
Benny Moldovanu, Xianwen Shi
Volume 11, Number 2 (May 2016) Stability and incentives for college admissions with budget constraints Abstract   PRINT   VIEW
Azar Abizada
Volume 9, Number 2 (May 2014) Stochastic stability in monotone economies Abstract   PRINT   VIEW
Takashi Kamihigashi, John Stachurski
Volume 11, Number 1 (January 2016) Strategic complementarities and unraveling in matching markets Abstract   PRINT   VIEW
Federico Echenique, Juan Sebastián Pereyra
Volume 5, Number 2 (May 2010) Strategic experimentation with Poisson bandits Abstract   PRINT   VIEW
Godfrey Keller, Sven Rady
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